About Us

At Concept Seals, we are passionate about delivering high-quality sealing solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Our expertise lies in providing innovative and reliable sealing products that meet the unique needs of our customers.

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of effective sealing solutions in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of industrial processes. Whether you are in the manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, or any other industry, we have the expertise to assist you in finding the perfect sealing solution.

Our Products

Hydraulic Seals

Our hydraulic product line includes a wide array of seals, gaskets, and components specifically designed for hydraulic systems. From high-pressure hydraulic cylinders to hydraulic pumps and valves, we provide sealing solutions that ensure leak-free operation, reduce friction, and extend the service life of your equipment…..

Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic Products: For pneumatic applications, we offer a diverse range of seals and components that are engineered to enhance the efficiency and reliability of pneumatic systems. Our pneumatic seals provide a tight and secure seal, preventing air leaks and maintaining consistent pressure levels….

Guide Bearing Strips or Wear Rings

Guide bearings and strips are crucial components used in various industrial applications to provide smooth and precise linear motion and guidance. They are designed to reduce friction, minimize wear, and ensure accurate movement in machinery and equipment. At Concept Seals, we offer a range of guide bearings and strips that provide reliable and efficient linear motion solutions.

V – Rings

V rings or V seals, also known as V-shaped seals, are specialized sealing devices used in various applications to provide effective sealing and prevent leakage. These seals are named after their distinctive V-shaped cross-section, which allows them to conform to the mating surfaces and create a tight seal.

Bonded Seal (Dowty Seal)

At Concept Seals, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality bonded seals designed to provide reliable sealing solutions for a variety of applications.Bonded seals, also known as Dowty seals or bonded washers, are sealing devices used to create a reliable and leak-tight seal in various applications…

O Rings, Rubber O Rings Sizes

An O-Ring is a mechanical gasket in round shaped used for packing & sealing, it is designed in such a way that it can fit in a groove and be compressed to give better sealing qualities.
O-Rings are the most preferred sealing component because of the low cost, ease to make & simple mounting requirements. They are manufactured through a process known as molding.

O-Rings Cords

Concept Seal manufactures O-Ring Cords which are the perfect alternative for O-Rings in various sizes and standards. O-Ring Cord is an extruded section of rubber cord that can be cut into required length for the sealing purpose. All our O-ring cords are manufactured to AS-568A, Metric, JIS, BS ISO 3302-1, with Class E1 as standard…

O-Rings Kit

Concept Seals manufactures O-ring kits which are ideal for away sites, maintenance dept etc. These kits have assorted sizes of high-quality O-rings which comes handy during emergency replacements and reduces downtime drastically.
All O-rings are manufactured from special multi-cavity flash-less tooling & regular compounds, hence there is no compromise in the quality of O-rings & yet our rates are very competitive.

X- Rings

X- Ring is the sealing part with four lobe which reduces friction and resistant and also alternative to O-Ring grooves. As it has four lobes therefore also called Four Lobed Rings. This X- Ring is used in various static and dynamic sealing application which gives seal with the extreme resistance to pressure and expansion…

Backup Rings

A backup Ring is also called as an anti-extrusion ring that holds an elastomeric connection to its designed shape and in its correct place. As per the name, backup Ring is a protective and supporting ring made from an extrusion resistant material with the rectangular section. Under the specific condition of temperature …

Oil Seals

Oil seals, also known as rotary shaft seals or lip seals, are mechanical seals designed to prevent the leakage of lubricants, oils, or fluids in rotating or reciprocating shaft applications. These seals are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and machinery.

Rod Seals

Concept Seal manufactures Rod Seals with or without anti-extrusion rings. To prevent the leakage of fluid material and ensure the sealing in hydraulic cylinders Rod Seals are used. To provide maximum sealing, Rod Seals are used which are placed inside the guide head and operates in opposition to the rod…

Piston Seals

The special Piston Seal from Concept Seal offers maximum functional reliability, to withstand high pressures. Piston Seal protects the piston head from leakage of gas or fluid, used in the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder. There are two types of piston seals, single acting, and double acting, depending upon the direction of pressure in the cylinder…

U Cups

U-Cup seals are used to seal the rod and piston in linear application. These are a lip seal used for static and dynamic application. Concept Seal offers wide range of U-Cup seals and manufactures them from a wide range of material…

Wipers Seals

Concept Seal manufactures custom designs of Wiper Seals as per clients specification. Wiper Seals are also known as Excluders, Scrapers or Dust seal because they prevent contamination from dirt particles and wipes the debris away. Applications of wiper seals are Earth moving machinery, Lift trucks, Hydraulic presses etc…

Glyd Rings

Concept Seals double acting Glyd Ring is a combination of an energizing o-ring and slipper seal which is very effective and reliable low frictional seal suitable as a piston seal in both high and low pressure systems. Materials used for the manufacturing of Glyd Ring are varied as per the application such as PTFE + polyester fabric…